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The Process

Whether working 1-1 or in a class, Jamie’s first priority is to assess his student’s energy and intention before designating the days focus. Often, people are eager to get to the gym and punch out the days stress. Other times, they are dialed in and ready to learn a new technique. It’s up to the trainer to read the room – Jamie’s authentic care and compassion for his students enables him to tune in to their frequency with ease.

Jameson’s first priority is assessing his student’s energy before designating the day’s focus.

Sometimes, people just want to get in the gym and punch the day’s stress away – other times, they are dialed in and determined to learn a new technique.

It’s up to the trainer to read the room. Jameson’s empathy and experience enables him to tune into his student’s frequency and design the day’s session.
Bag work
To train technique and fitness

Warming up with the speed bag and double end bag is the best way to get fighters focused. Heavy bags and hydro bags aren’t just there to take a beating, they help students train both power and precision.

Pad work
To teach timing and footwork

There is rhythm in all things. Through pad work, students learn to link combinations and remain aware in situations where they must duck, dodge, and still place their shot properly.

To temper nerves and resolve

Sparring is where it all comes together in a high octane environment for the students. Whether they’re training for a title fight or new to the sport, Jamie oversees all friendly contests to ensure everyone is safe and enjoying their time in the octagon.

Just Punch Products

Private Lesson

Train 1 on 1 with the former LightHeavyweight champ. In these sessions, Jameson focuses on equipping his students with proper technique and sufficient fitness so they can hold their own in any gym.

Group Class

Class participants work with each other on circuits and sparring to hone their skills. Jameson keeps a close watch on every participant, ensuring they leave the class having learned something.

Punch Card

Get the best of both worlds. Each punch card has 10 punches - 1 punch gets you a group class, 2 punches gets you a private lesson.
The Tribe


To plant the seeds of mindfulness one punch at a time. I serve my customers through authentic compassion and rigorous training so they can cultivate a physical, mental, and spiritual boxing practice.


We are gathering a tribe, one that prioritizes love for self and others and seeks harmony with the world around us. We are disciplined, determined to succeed, and eager to walk our brothers and sisters home.
Our Values


Power without control knows no peace. Awaken the inner beast and tame it accordingly.


Fast or slow, we all grow. Stagnation is a sickness and movement is the best remedy.


Connect with the bag, sparring partners, and yourself. Connect mind, body, and spirit.

Some reviews from our honorable clients.

Jameson Story

Early in his professional boxing career Jamie was like so many others, an underdog taking fights on the road. In the ring, he learned to harness and unleash his inner beast – in the process, he found presence, the profound sense of awareness of himself and his opponent. After competing internationally across weight classes and becoming the Light Heavyweight Champ, Jamie knew he’d achieved all he hoped to as a fighter and set his sights on new challenges.

Jameson hung up the gloves and pursued the simple pleasures of life. Caught in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, working retail and sales roles, he quickly decided that the slow grind up the corporate ladder was not in the cards. After being asked to teach a few boxing classes at local gyms, Jamie realized his experience in the ring was beneficial for beginners and elite competitors alike. In no time at all, Jamie started his own gym that inspires an innermost awareness, focuses on foundational techniques, and equips his community with combat skills. At Just Jameson, safety and serenity are of the utmost importance – our goal is to grow the mind, body, and soul. We are lovers and fighters, high octane and open minded. Welcome to the tribe.

Jameson’s Reviews

Based on 55 reviews.
Landers Masterson
Landers Masterson
Great trainer. All about boxing with no BS. Whether you want to learn self-defense, get competition ready or even just a good workout, this is the place to go. Jameson will push you to be your best without crossing the line. If you are serious about fighting or fitness, give Jameson a call. The sign up is transparent and easy.
Melissa Walters
Melissa Walters
I joined a class while in town visiting a friend. While boxing was something that pushed me out of a comfort zone, James welcomed me and helped me start to learn the basics in a supportive, fun and safe way. Plus I got an amazing workout and felt so accomplished with just this one class. I wish I lived local so I could add these classes to my workout regimen, and thanks to Jameson will be looking for somewhere to take classes at home. If you're hesitant or worried that you're not in shape to get started, push that worry to the side and just give it a try. Jameson is sure to convert you.
Jerry Manning
Jerry Manning
I started working with Jameson a couple months ago, was trying to find a gym that got out of the typical class experience and wanted to take the training from a professional. Jameson has lived up to the calling. Much like many coaches I have had in the past, he runs a tight ship and will push you as far as you are willing to go. It’s sink or swim from day one, and you learn a lot while getting in great shape. Rather you want to learn from a pro, or just get in shape, working with Jameson is a great option.
Danielle Roth Serban
Danielle Roth Serban
Jameson is the best trainer I've ever had. He personalizes his approach for every client, and he fosters an amazing sense of community that immediately made me feel welcome. The workout is challenging but he will safely push you past your limits and provides real time feedback on how to fine-tune your form. I am so excited to be working with him and recommend him to everyone I know who is looking for a great workout and community!
Anthony Camera
Anthony Camera
If you are looking for a great work out while having fun and learning a skill you have found the right place. Jameson is the mindful boxing guru you have been looking for!
Andre Brown
Andre Brown
Ever since meeting Jameson, he has been more than just a boxing coach to me. He was willing to work with my budget, introduced me to meditation, and helped me when going through personal issues. On top of that, he makes a sport as intimidating as boxing feel like something anyone can do. Going from never putting on boxing gloves in my life just over a month ago, to where I'm at now, I have become much more confident in my abilities. Highly recommend!
Sarah Nett-Barth
Sarah Nett-Barth
I have been training with Jameson recently after a long hiatus from exercise. I was looking for an opportunity to get physically fit, to learn the sport of boxing in my 40's, and to see if it had anything to teach me. Jameson has been an excellent teacher (about life and boxing), and trainer. He has built a friendly community of like minded individuals looking to get fit, have a little fun, and to learn from and be in awe of a former pro. Whether it is nutrition advice, motivational tips, meeting you where you are at both finally and physicall, teaching you about not to give up and push through, or anything else you are looking for, Jameson is there for you every step of the way! He has truly mastered all of the traits and skills of a coach and trainer, and I have learned so much already in a short amount of time. I also have never seen his unique technique to helping his clients leave it all on the floor with boxing, and following up with meditation after every session. Tell anyone and everyone you know about Jameson! You aren't going to find this anywhere else in town.
Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood
McBoxing programs and even other authentic boxing gyms with solid coaches don't compare to the attention to detail and supportive community you'll find here. I've been doing a mix of privates and small group classes with Jameson for 1.5 years. I've witnessed more positive transformations under Jameson compared to other fitness programs. And admittedly, I'm a gym rat. People of all fitness levels and ages who join and stick with Jameson improve, including weight loss, increased muscle definition, and even a Golden Gloves championship title. Personally, my endurance significantly increased, and I've learned technique, accuracy, and finesse are more potent than brut force. It's a challenging workout because Jameson tailors the experience to your fitness level. He'll push you beyond what you thought you could do, and you'll surprise yourself when you see what you can achieve. Trust me; you'll see results and have fun on the journey.
Nate Odegard
Nate Odegard
Jameson's gym is more than just a place to practice your boxing technique and get a great workout - it's a watering hole for mindful members of the Colorado boxing community. There's something special going on here, and the only way for you to know whether you are a part of it or not is by stopping in and finding out for yourself.
Michael Reynoldswhite
Michael Reynoldswhite
Welcome to The Tribe
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