Melissa Wood

McBoxing programs and even other authentic boxing gyms with solid coaches don't compare to the attention to detail and supportive community you'll find here. I've been doing a mix of privates and small group classes with Jameson for 1.5 years. I've witnessed more positive transformations under Jameson compared to other fitness programs. And admittedly, I'm a gym rat. People of all fitness levels and ages who join and stick with Jameson improve, including weight loss, increased muscle definition, and even a Golden Gloves championship title. Personally, my endurance significantly increased, and I've learned technique, accuracy, and finesse are more potent than brut force. It's a challenging workout because Jameson tailors the experience to your fitness level. He'll push you beyond what you thought you could do, and you'll surprise yourself when you see what you can achieve. Trust me; you'll see results and have fun on the journey